Heartfelt thanks to all the contributors to our Build a Bus Campaign!

Brad Badeau

Bridgehouse Asset Managers

Carol Lynde

David Scandiffio

Dynamic Funds

Environics Communications Inc.

H2 Central Marketing & Communications

International Financial Data Services

Jacqueline Allard

Kathryn Del Greco

Leah Brock

Mark Tiffin

Michael DeVenney

Oliver Murray

Northern Trust Company Canada

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP

Rempel Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Russell Investments

Shawn Graydon

State Street Trust Company Canada

Love makes the world go 'round...

But sometimes that love needs financial help!

Our philanthropic friends and partners are what help move us forward, every day.

A donation to Live Different is what we like to call "doubly effective" because your money is going towards the bigger picture at all times. Individual lives are changed and transformed in Canada through our high school programs and outreach opportunities, and lives and communities are changed globally through our humanitarian outreach.

Live Different

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